RedCupでは英語コミュニケーションレベルを示すバッジを発行しております。 このバッジはRedCup独自の審査を経て、RedCupだけが発行できるバッジです。 バッジ習得のプロセスは、一回のペーパーテストや不自然な数分間の面接ではなく、以下の要素に焦点をおきます。



認定されたバッジはMozilla Backpackで保管し、自分の英語力を示すツールとしてご利用ください。Facebook, Google+, Twitterなど、今後益々重要となるSNSサイトで自分の所有するバッジを公開することが可能です。 私たち独自のカリキュラムをベースにし、英語コミュニケーションを焦点においたRedCupのバッジは、みなさんの「使える・通じる」英語力を示すのにとても有効なものです。

RedCup is publishing its own badges to show each student’s ability to communicate in English. The process for getting the badge is not just based on one time exams or unnatural short-term interviews. Students will gain badges by (1) persistently trying to communicate with other students, (2) showing creativity in communication such as showing and drawing things if they do not have the right words to communicate, and (3) not only starting conversations but contributing to interesting exchanges. An expert in applied linguistics will work with the students regularly and use (1) validated research instruments and (2) professional opinion to determine when students have reach specific levels.

You can store the badges in Mozilla Backpack and use the badges as a tool to showcase your English skills/ online achievements. You can share your badges on social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, which is becoming increasingly meaningful in the 21st century. Based on our own curriculum, RedCup's independently published badges geared towards English communication skills hold a higher level of validity in English communication.